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Bronte Mawson


Advanced Breeding Services was established in October 1993.   ABS developed as an industry leader equipped to apply “new” artificial breeding technology to emerging demand from specialist stud sheep and goat breeders within the Australian livestock industry.

Today ABS is a small mobile team geared to meeting the requirements of sheep and goat breeders throughout Australia in AI, ET, embryo freezing and thawing, and organizing the import and export of embryos.

Our results over the years have been better than industry averages in both sheep and goats because of our attention to detail in donor and recipient management, timing, embryo culture and surgical technique, always keeping in mind the cost of production of each lamb or kid. We consider a 60% stick rate an average result with many of our programs in the past years averaging 75% and over.  

 The past 10 years have seen some modification of commercial sector participation and now continue  to focus on the following areas;

·       Semen Freezing.

·       Artificial Breeding in Exotics.

·       Juvenile In Vitro Embryo Transfer.

·       International Export - Services and Technology.

·       Project development.

·       The development of our own sheep studs.

ABS – Recent Technology Advances in association with Detpa Grove

a. An initial MIVET trial was conducted at Detpa Grove White Suffolk Stud in 2011 using direct oocyte transfers. From this we have been able to define the necessary research protocols needed to establish a commercialisation pathway. The original scientists who developed the MIVET concept have offered to assist CA to develop a commercial MIVET laboratory at the Detpa Grove Artificial Breeding facility.

b. Cervical AI, semen collection, semen freeze and chill technology has been successfully incorporated into the White Suffolk Breeding Program within the CA / Academy Cooperative Joint Venture. Given the recent developments from the Academy and the potential of investment in Sichuan this has immediate commercial outcomes for CA given that the neighbouring Aba district runs over 800,000 sheep.

c. On farm semen collection and freeze protocols have been implemented at the Detpa Grove AB facility and unique ram semen collection and enhanced freezing techniques developed

d. Our cooperation has witnessed innovative technological outcomes from the deployment of ABS “On Farm Embryo Transfer” protocols at Colchis (Australis White Dorper Stud), Detpa Grove White Suffolk Stud and Anden White Suffolk Stud.

·       Proven feed regimes have been developed to increase ovulation response in Donors and Recipients in AI and ET programs and enhance early colostrum release in lambing ewes.

·       Protocols have been developed to ensure Donor and Recipient post operative health.

·       Donor preparation for ET has been enhanced to improve ovulation response.

·       An innovative procedure has been successfully tested to increase stick rates in Recipient maiden and mature ewes post embryo implant.

·       The effects of luteal failure in super ovulated Donor ewes and consequent loss of embryos has been negated in ET programs, again by applying innovative hormone enhancement techniques.

·       Proven protocols, developed since 1978 that cover modern AB application from facility design to commercial implementation have been refined “on farm” at Detpa Grove and improved through innovation and field trials.


"Professionally my interest has been at the interface between technology and livestock production and the commercial application of artificial breeding techniques, on farm throughout Australia, accelerating the production of rare and elite animals at a realistic price. This has taken on an international flavour in recent years with a focus on China."

Bronte Mawson ABS