Advanced Breeding Services was established in October 1993 The partners were senior employees of Australian Sheep Artificial Breeders (ASAB) and Southern Angora Breeders (SAB) from 1978 to 1993, Bronte Mawson as manager / embryologist and Dr. Lyn Davies as head veterinarian. Both businesses developed as industry leaders equipped to apply “new” artificial breeding technology to emerging demand from specialist stud sheep and goat breeders within the Australian livestock industry.  

During these formative years (1978 to 1993) the team worked with Professor David Armstrong, Dr. Bob Seamark, Dr Lou Warnes and Dr. Simon Walker, world leading research scientists dealing specifically with artificial breeding technology. The team worked on the development of reliable super ovulation protocols, culture media and techniques, embryo freezing and thawing, short term embryo storage and experimental cloning work. The ABS commercial programmes in those days were forefront applications of very recent research and evolved into robust procedures that have stood the test of time. 

Some well recognized industry firsts developed from this early research into embryo transfer and its commercial application are listed below. 

·       The team proved that twin transfers (as opposed to single embryo transfers) increased conception rate and embryo survival rate markedly. 

·       Established a super ovulation protocol using FSH-P that was far superior to    PMS-G.

·       Defined the optimum synchrony between embryo recipient and donor.

·       Initiated the use of Hepes-SOFM as a culture media, semen diluent and buffer.

·       Hepes-SOFM used to culture single cell embryos to blastosysts.

·       Hepes-SOFM used to store embryos at 4ºC for 24-48 hours.

·       Developed strategies to handle luteal failure in donors.

·       Developed commercial non surgical embryo collections in Angora Goats.

·       Established reliable protocols for synchronizing recipients.

·       Timed ovulation and insemination in Merinos to achieve 90% plus fertilization in ET.

·       Set high standards in donor and recipient surgery and anesthesia. 

During this time A.B.S operated throughout SA, TAS, VIC, NSW and QLD with extensive programs run in NZ and USA. Client programs varied from the hobby farmer with two Angoras flushed to large Merino businesses setting up 300 donors. 

Highlights included:  

·       SAB positioned as the major ET contractor at Kirra Quarantine Station SA for the importation and expansion of Angora and Suffolk genetics from the USA.

·       SAB was awarded the contract to collect and freeze 1000 cashmere embryos in Tasmania for export to USA.

·       ASAB set up the semen processing laboratory and ET facility at Haddon Rig NSW

·       ASAB programmed 50 to 300 donor  each year at Haddon Rig from 1988-93.

·       SAB organized all facets of the AB programs toproduce 2000 Angora embryos in SA for export to NZ and 2000 Angora and Cashmere embryos in NZ for export to the UK.

·       SAB managed and operated 500 donor ET programs for Arpac International in SA and VIC.

·       Both businesses worked with elite stud animals for the same clients year after year.

·       ASAB put in place the team that produced the first cloned sheep in Australia.

·       SAB and ASAB always  produced consistent commercial results.


Today ABS is a small mobile team geared to meeting the requirements of sheep and goat breeders throughout Australia in AI, ET, embryo freezing and thawing, and organizing the import and export of embryos.