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 australis rams fronts 07.jpg AUSTRALIS WHITE DORPER STUD


Axis White Dorper Stud was registered in 1997 and sold in 2005 due to the completion of long term land leases.

Axis White Dorper Stud imported embryos from South Africa as part of the Saltbush syndicate in 1997 and with further importations in 1998 established a stud with a diverse genetic pool. The South African bloodlines included, Floors Brand, Piet Cilliers, Hennie Jacobs and Dries Weise.

As stud sheep breeders we were very conscious of developing these high quality genetics to continue with the South African breeding philosophies but to also breed an Australian White Dorper suited to Australian conditions and management systems and adaptable to different climatic environments internationally.

We promoted the White Dorper breed and the Axis Stud by exhibiting quality animals at shows, field days and regional and national sales which established Axis as one of the most recognized and highly regarded studs in Australia.

Australis White Dorper Stud was developed in 2002 by Bronte Mawson A broad selection of genetics were sourced ( via embryos )  from Axis White Dorper stud prior to sale.  The embryos were implanted into commercial merino recipients that were run under extensive range land conditions. All lambs grew out commercially with no supplementary feed or special attention. At maturity all stud quality ewes and rams were relocated to our Strathalbyn property and managed under strict stud criteria maintaining high standards of health and quality.

The Australis stud rams and ewes rapidly became competitive nationally, reflecting their strong genetic make up. In 2006 rams sold to $4500 and ewes to $3750 at the Dubbo National Sale and in 2007, during Australia’s worst drought in history and a falling market, rams sold to $2500 and ewes to $1300.











Australis White Dorper Stud - young rams in preparation for the National Sale