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Adapted to the harsh Australian pastoral extensive grazing.


Originally developed by Denis Russell of Genelink Livestock Consulting The Red Meatmaster has been isolated over many years of breeding and the "red" gene has been triggered in several different breeds. While the colour has been most apparent in the Damara the red colouring has also been found in Van Rooy, White Dorper and Afrikaner.

In  Australia, Canada and South Africa it has been observed that this colour is often associated with vigour in a variety of environments.

Industry observers have noted some of the original Damaras had body type similar to Red Massai and it is probable that the Red Massai breed may have contributed both the Red colour and some parasite resistance that allows improved production performance.

The rams from each drop in the recent years have been included in drafts to  Wilcannia NSW, Broken Hill NSW, Inverell NSW, Several areas of Queensland including some large drafts to Augathella  and into the high production winter cold areas of Millicent South Australia and Central Victoria and have performed very well in some challenging environments. Growers report that the rams are very willing workers and can be seen actively pursuing the ewes at all times of the day even in extreme heat.


The breeding alliance including Australis Meatmasters under the guidance of Genelink Livestock consultans have now segregated the type and the flocks are mated exclusively to the top selection of red rams.   Breeders are selected on visual classing and weight for age.  Selection is for animals showing no horn and no horned rams are used in the breeding program.